Maxipadel Arena

Maxipadel Arena - Mölndal

There are four co-owners in Maxipadel Arena who have gotten to know each other through sports, both from association activities and business life. Eric, Johan, Kristian and Niclas.

Erik Andersson. Profile in the paddle industry that has meant a lot to the sport’s development and spread in Sweden. Is the CEO of Padel Total, which is the Nordic region’s largest supplier of paddle courts since 2012. Started playing padel himself in 2010 and was involved in the construction of the first paddle court in Sweden as early as 1998, which had painted floors and masonry walls.

Johan Österman och Kristian Strande. Founded the paddle specialist store Maxipadel in Mölndal in October 2020. Both have worked in the sports industry for 25 years and have extensive experience from the development and manufacturing of sports products, including as partners in the brands Unihoc and Zone, as well as events and assignments in association life.

Niclas Brandin. Founder and co-owner of the construction company Konceptbyggen i Väst AB. Initiator of the project with Maxipadel Arena. Padel fan who has been playing padel regularly since 2015.

We at + Margret want to thank Spikstudios for having us being part of making Maxipadel one of Sweden’s most beautiful paddle halls.

Project facts

Project manager:            Colin Felton
Project assistant:            Ami Ivarsson

End customer:                Maxipadel Arena, Mölndal
Project scope:                Loungemiljö
Installed:                         Autumn of 2021

Our customer:                Concept & Design by Spik Studios
Contact person:             Micaela Lohman

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