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Is it time to re-furbish your workplace or are you moving to new premises?

+ Margret takes care of the textile part of your office decor!

The interior decoration of the workplace is of greater importance than you might think. We spend many of our waking hours at work and the environment is very important for productivity and job satisfaction.
Natural light, dimming and the sound environment is part of office decor that can be controlled with curtains and soft furnishings.

Do you need blackout curtains, blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds or panel curtains?

We make suggestions for curtains and other textiles that are best suited for each individual client, our proposals are based on your preferences, your needs and budget.

We are happy to renew any existing systems that you have if they are usable, but we also offer complete solutions with curtain rods, curtains, new functions, colors and shapes.

Blackout - Light Shielding

A large part of our business is sunscreens, fabrics for heat reflection and blackout curtains.
Many of our projects are about effective shading without completely covering up the office, we accomplish this with different types of curtains and blinds.
Blackout curtains are provided as fade out or black out depending on your needs, they are used in conference rooms and training rooms which use projection screens and TV screens for presentation or video conferencing.

We provide quality fabrics that help with heat reflection.

Manual and motorized solutions are available for most systems.

Semi private conference and meeting rooms

Sheer curtains can give a discreet confidentiality. The curtains give you a pleasant environment while they help with sound absorption. When the room is not used then the curtains are pulled apart and the room gets an airier impression.