Curtains for offices, hotels and public spaces

Window treatments are important for the interior design and curtains helps to create the enviroment that you desire.

With curtains you can express your style, it can be modern, traditional, retro, cozy or light and airy.
Margret helps you choose the fabric, pattern and design that fits your style and has the functionality that you need.

Do you need curtains that are just curtains to create a pleasant environment or do you need blackout curtains, sun protection, shielding or curtains for sound attenuation? Margret can deliver what you require.

Pencil pleat curtains

This is a classic curtain model, the back of the length has a pleat tape for pin hooks.
Pencil pleat curtains hangs beautifully and are well suited for hanging drapes and valances.

Wave curtain

Wave curtains provides a stylish and elegant pleating in S-shaped curves.
They are preferably used for hanging curtains or drapes to cover walls and glazed sections.

This model folds/pleats about 100%.

Sewn-in Tailslides

This is a different type of curtain, the sewn-in slides gives you many advantages.
With this curtain model, one can use the full width of fabric in the extended position, and you will not see the curtain hooks on the back if you use it as a room divider or against glass partitions.


PSG is a combination of the wave and isyyda glide models. You can create a sense of wave hanging, but you can also fully extend the curtain to make it smooth. To achieve the best wave effect, we suggest using 1.6% more fabric. There is also an option to choose PSG room dividers, where the band is not visible from any direction. See photos for both variations.

Curtain tape for stage curtains & heavy drapery

This type is used for heavier curtains and for drapery that needs hang up high.
You decide how much the drapes should pleat, this type of curtain/drape is ususaly delivered with a motorized track.

Eyelet curtain

The eyelet is a hole reinforcement made ​​of metal or plastic, the curtain has large eyelets fixed to the top edge. You thread the eyelets directly on the curtain rod and provides a neat and clean impression.
Eyelet curtains are easy to pull on and can be sewn in steady fabrics, draperies do very well with eyelets.
We work with three different diameter eyelets, 8 mm, 20 mm and 40 mm, these are available in a few different colors.

Panel curtains

Panel curtains are also called japanese panel curtains, they are stylish and straight lengths.
One can freely vary and combine patterned and solid-color panels as well as different qualities. Usually, they are hung in pairs with a patterned fabric in the front track and a solid colored fabric behind, they can cover the entire window or only as side curtain.
Combine your panel curtains with pleated lengths, with wave lengths or curtains with sewn-in slides.

String curtains - Thread curtains

This curtain is a striking product that comes in many colors, suitable as a room divider.

The string / thread curtains hangs under the rail that is visible.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds can be made in most curtain fabrics, patterned or plain: We use three different systems depending on your fabric choices.

One variant is the roller blind cord, the other with ball chain and the third is with spring technology.
The maximum size depends on the fabric and function.