Architects and Interior designers


We take you from sketch to a finished product

Interior designers and architects always have a thought or an inspiration that we try to make a reality.

At Margret we turn to you that primarily work with designs for hotels, offices, Schools, hospitals and other public spaces. We can help you with the curtains and upholstery fabrics that your mission requires, we can help you with all inquiries and special requests that you get from your customers.

Curtains, blackout, pillows and other textiles are extremely important for all types of rooms, they create the light and sound environment that is sought after as well as create the style, function, comfort and feel of the room.
What are your and their needs? What type of curtain rods shall we choose? What fabrics, materials or colors should the interior decoration have?
Many questions arise when you decorate a hotel, office, or public places.
Let us be your partner in this effort and take advantage of our many years of experience.

At Margrets we are with you all the way from measuring up to the final installation.

Overall textile concept

Margrets offer you as a client a complete concept that takes you from idea to completion on site, regardless of the size of the project.
We cater to your desires and needs as far as possible, only your imagination and choice of materials restricts what is achievable.
We manufacture everything from precision-fit cushions and curtains to sail-like embellishments, chair & lounge chair covers, tablecloths, bedspreads and room dividers.
Our fitters then ensure that curtains are hung and that other textile furnishings are installed on site at delivery.