Sunscreen & Blackout


Sunscreen for windows

Interior sunscreens are today a part of the interior design of a room, they are smart, stylish and multifunctional.

The sun protection of today is far from the blinds, roller blinds and blackout curtains that have long been the standard in public spaces as well as in private homes, today’s design on sunscreens is innovative and modern.

We supply interior sunscreens to public spaces, offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, health and social care.

With a own binder for sunscreen products as roller blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, aluminum blinds and wooden blinds we can offer you all sunscreens you may desire.


Lighting: interior sunscreens helps to create the right light intensity in your office, hotel room or public areas.

Darkness: The sun visors can filter the sun’s rays so that the room can be darkened without sacrificing the view.

Energy savings: The products are also insulating and energy saving as they help to maintain a good indoor climate.

We are sure to find the right solution for your windows that suit your taste.

Roller blinds

A very simple solution that suits most types of windows, the roller blind is very discreet when not in use.
There are a variety of fabrics with different technical, decorative and blackout properties. Roller blinds can be easily maneuvered and pulled down to shield the whole window or only a part. The model is adapted to the window size, the roller blind can be controlled manually with ball chain, single spring or with a motor.

Blackout curtains

A blackout curtain works in any window and provides a softer impression than blinds, louvers and blinds.

e have blackout curtains for dimming (fade out) or for complete blackout, you choose the one that suits your purposes best.

Blackout curtains work well in hotel rooms, schools, conference rooms and other areas where they need to have a more subdued light or total darkness.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a simple and good solution for many different types of windows. The vertical blinds can effectively control the amount of light entering, they can be closed completely and shut out direct sunlight, angeled to give a soft light or completely open to give a full natural light.
The vertical blind does not take much space and it works very well inside offices for conference rooms , in glass partitions and as room dividers.

There are a variety of fabrics having technical, decorative and blackout properties.

Pleated blinds

A very simple and elegant form of interior sunscreen.
Pleated blinds can be installed in most windows and gives a bright and light impression when it’s closed.
There are a variety of fabrics having different technical, decorative and blackout properties. With the different qualities you can regulate light and heat. They can be operated with a ball chain, string or by hand.


With blinds you can easily regulate both transparency and natural light in a room, by tilting the slats so you can personally control the amount of light in the room.

Aluminum Blinds – with them you get a modern, elegant and clean impression. The blinds are available in a variety of colors and with different width of the slats.
Wooden blinds – a wooden blind is very stylish as a interior detail. Wooden blinds filters the light beautifully and create a warm atmosphere in the room.