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About us

Margret is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of  textile interior solutions for offices, hotels, schools, health and social care. We also specialize in specialty sewing for the retail industry and customized products for caravans, lorries and ship cabins.
Today we have 22 employees in Skene and through our clients execute projects in Sweden and other parts of the world. Each year we assemble the 50,000 m rails, hanging around 120 000 m curtain fabric and conduct about 2,500 textile mission, all in-house. We at Margret take full responsibility for all assignments and projects that we undertake, from measuring up to the finished and assembled on site.

Who is Margret?

1956  the sisters Maria &  Greta started a company, and they named it Margret gardinkonfektion using thr combination of their two names. The company would sew for the  weavers in the area.
In 1972 it was time for the sons Bengt Mauritzson and Bengt Högberg to take over, Mauritzson family became the 100% owner in 1987
Today, the family is still the majority owner and since 2009  Colin Felton is also a co-owner of the company.

May 2013 we moved to new premises totally refurbished in Skene. The new facilities are designed for a good work  flow and gives us great opportunities to improve our efficiency.

+Margret - Our idea

We will deliver soft furnishings through sustainable solutions.
Our whole concept where we do everything in-house makes that possible, so we take full responsibility for our products. Margrets curtain is with you from measuring up to final installationmade, this gives our customers a sense of security in using us as a supplier.

+Margret - Our Inviromental work

We work daily to reduce our environmental impact by working only with returnable packaging, recycling, and coordinated transportation and travel. Our aim is to work with suppliers who have active environmental work.

+Margret - Our vision

We will maintain and strengthen our position in the Scandinavian countries and bring our concept outside Scandinavia with our clients in other countries. One element of this is to clarify and strengthen our brand, “Margret” by products, marketing and branding.