Pointe Isabelle

Pointe Isabelle Hotel in Chamonix is ​​one of our latest project abroad and was carried out in collaboration with Bergmann Construction

We where in charge of the textile interiors of the 45 hotelrooms as well as the public spaces, the restaurant, bar and conference rooms – Margret did the whole job, from measuring at the hotel to the completed installation!

The hotel opened again after the refurbishment in June 2014

Pointe Isabelle is named after Isabella Straton and was founded by grandchildren, Isabella was born in southern England 1838.
When she was 20-years old, she lost both her ​​parents and her sister and became financially independent.

She embarked on an adventure in the Alps with his friend Emmeline Lewis Lloyd of Wales, Isabella became an avid rock climber. During her adventures she met mountain guide Jean Charlet from Chamonix and together as they climbed in the Alps and Pyrenees for over 20 years

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