Ellery Beach House

Ellery Beach House. You are gold, baby.

From the creators of Steam Hotel and Hotel Pigalle now comes Ellery Beach House – Stockholm’s newest hideaway and only Beach Resort.
City life feels far away in the rural landscape at the far end of Elfvik’s headland on Lidingö.
A cozy house with its own jetty, where the lively and tranquil contrasts. A place where nature, sea and beach meet paddle, pools, cabanas, people, music, design and art.
The hotel is inspired by the 60’s and 70’s and is passionate about design, music and art. Their preference for cozy, warm environments makes Ellery a getaway, a retreat, an experience, a hotel, a destination where you get to be the best variant of yourself.
It’s something that makes you always want to come back. Maybe it’s the people you meet in the bars, by the open fire, by the pools or in the running trail. The hours of the day are not enough at Ellery.


Project facts

Project manager:            Colin Felton
Project assistant:            Ami Ivarsson

End customer:                Ellery Beach House, Lidingö Stockholm
Project scope:                122 rooms and public areas
Installed:                         Autumn of 2020

Our customer:                Concept & Design by Spik Studios
Contact person:             Sofia Juviken


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