Kroppkärr’s School

Kroppkärr's school - Karlstad

Kroppkärr’s school in Karlstad had huge problems with noise levels, both from the outside and inside. The desire was primarily to mute the sound. We agreed on a 100% wool fabric that weighs 360 gr / m2 in a calm and light color to create a calm environment.

By dressing many of the hard concrete walls with a Wave model curtain, we got most of the teachers in tears of joy. The fabric is of course flameproof and washable. A plus for the customer was that they could also draw the curtains for movie screenings and the fabric was good enough as a semi-darkening. This meant that they did not have to buy anything extra for blackout.

Feel free to contact us if your school needs help with similar products.

Project facts

Projekt manager:            Colin Felton
Project assistant:            Camilla Roos

End customer:                Kroppkärrsskolan, Karlstad
Project scope:                20 classrooms
Installed:                         Autumn of 2019

Our customer:                 Kinnarps in Karlstad
Contact person:              Ola Thimfors

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