House of Psyciatrics

Psykiatrins Hus is a building within the Uppsala University hospital that was opened in February 2013, and we at +Margaret had the honour to work with Kinnarps in Uppsala to decorate this large project.

The seven-storey building, designed by Tengbom gruppen, has been appointed to one of the world’s most architecturally impressive hospital buildings.
We won this assignment in great competition with many similar players in the market.
The interior design including all of the fabrics was handled by Indicum architects that we have worked closely with from day one.

We at +Margret suggested fabric qualities and colours in consultation with Kristin Ostberg at Indicum and after several briefings on sight, we came to a good overall picture together with Kristin and Olof Pousette at Kinnarps
As you can see in the pictures from the project we at Margret+ are proud of the project and to be the partner of Kinnarps interior and deliver such quantities without any complications during the project.
Why did it go so well; It is simple, each one of us completed the parts of the project that was within our special expertise!

The sheer size of whole project for our part was quite extensive and included approximately 4 000 m of curtain rails and about 2 500 to 3 000 curtains.
In summary, we had not been able to deliver this project without our extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to managing large projects.
We had great help from Kristin Ostberg on Indicum and her experience in interior design / planning, but also thanks to stable suppliers as Svensson Marks Pelle and our partner Kinnarps Interior.

All fabrics came from Svensson Marks Pelle, and they did everything they could to expedite the fabrics ordered from their production to our sewing production.
Olof Pousettes extensive work at Kinnarps to shorten the lead times with their contacts made it possible, and much easier for us to succeed in this large scale project.
This project has resulted in a tremendous response around the country and given us the possibility to get in touch with similar companies Indicum in other cities in Sweden.

Project Manager for + Margret; Henrik Mauritzon

Interior architect SIR/MSA at Indicum Kristin Östberg

Kinnarps interior in Uppsala

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