LFV’s new offices

When the LFV – Swedish Air Navigation Services after 39 years at the old address decided to move to new premises, the interior design project was commissioned to Sweco, and Kinnarps in Norrköping.
This was a challenging project with many details that had to ben joined into a cohesive design.
The questions during the project were many, but a creative dialogue between Kinnarps, + Margret and Sweco made the end result exactly as it was intended, and even a little better.

For large projects such as this, the things you picture in the design process might end up totally different in real life! When this happens the flexibility of all involved is of highest importance, so for this project we have a number of different solutions, including specially trimmed curtains, mirrored fabrics etc. Theese solutions made the curtains in this project to the icing on the cake.
Project leader Clas Broberg from Kinnarps delivered the perfect combination of furniture and a color palette that really enhanced the curtains.

The opening ceremony of the premises was in August 2015

The fabrics come from well-known vendors such as Kvadrat, Baumann and Svensson

Kinnarps Norrkoping

Sweco Management AB
Project leader:
Ulrika von Wachenfeldt

Project Manager + Margret Colin Felton

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